Globo suffers embezzlement without Fátima and Poet operated, and triggers new substitutes

Fátima Bernardes was absent from the Meeting again and Globo called in substitutes (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Fátima Bernardes was absent from the Meeting again and Globo called in substitutes (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

THE Globe needed to trigger unlikely substitutes to command the Meeting instead of Fatima Bernardes this Monday (5th). Without Patricia Poet, who underwent emergency surgery, the broadcaster resorted to Manoel Soares and Mona Lisa Duperron.

Because of the September 7 holiday, Fatima amended the weekend break and – again – did not appear on your show. Substitutes for the presenter, Ana Furtado and Patrícia Poeta were not available – in the case of Poet, for health reasons, as she is recovering from surgery.

With embezzlements, Globo sued Manoel Soares (shower of É De Casa) and Mona Lisa Duperron (Reporter of the Meeting) to replace Fatima. At the beginning of the attraction, the absence of the owner was justified.

“You’re not going crazy. It’s all right. It’s that my friend Fátima Bernardes is enjoying the holiday, explained Manoel at the opening of the program.

Absence from Globo

Nonetheless, another fact caught the attention of viewers in addition to unlikely substitutes. Fatima’s absence soon became a topic among internet users. Many joked about the presenter’s new break, who lives out of the morning.

“It’s amazing how Fátima Bernardes is always on vacation from the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes”, joked a Twitter user. “I meet Fátima more to find Fátima because it’s never her presenting”, commented another.

Fatima on holiday, what a joke, she’s already taken six vacations this year alone. He doesn’t want to retire anymore”, criticized an Internet user. “The meeting with Fatima has everything but Fatima”, joked another. “The name of the program is meeting Fátima, but she’s never on the show. It was better to leave TV Globo”, said a third.

Fatima, who has taken a vacation recently, too she was away from the Meeting last month as determined by Globo. At the time, she had felt an unease.

Fatima becomes a joke

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