Globo takes a drastic attitude towards the future of Altas Horas in its 2022 schedule

Marcos Mion must migrate to the Saturday nights of the Plim Plim station. Because the company has the desire to ‘rejuvenate’ the public that consumes its programming on its weekend nights.

It is worth remembering that Alta Horas should remain on the Rio broadcaster’s grid until 2025. But being shown after the attraction of Marcos Mion. This matter remains under wraps behind the scenes of Venus platinum.

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Mion’s show will be the national version of Lip Sync Battle. For those who don’t know, the attraction focuses on the duel between two artists who fight for the audience’s preference in a hilarious dubbing battle.

Different from what has been aired out there, Serginho Groisman remains contracted by the Marinho broadcaster until 2025. And yours High hours is confirmed in the grid of the plim plim network for another four years.

Mion at BBB 22

The column found that from the next edition of Globo’s confinement reality, Marcos Mion will be the reserve presenter of the attraction led by Tiago Leifert. In the past, André Marques occupied that vacancy. This subject is treated in secret behind the scenes of Venus platinum.

Marcos Mion takes a selfie with Globo brand at the closing of Caldeirão (Reprodução/TV Globo)

Remembering that Marcos Mion signed a contract with Grupo Globo to present some projects at Multishow. But due to Luciano Huck’s migration to Globo’s Sunday nights, the former presenter of A Fazenda will break a branch until December in command of ‘Caldirão’.