Gloria Groove imitates Xanddy and has an acclaimed debut in Show of the Famous

Gloria Groove drew applause from the audience when performing by Xanddy, from Harmonia do Samba, in the premiere of the new season of Show dos Famosos, in Domingão with Huck. With the sound of Vem Neném, the singer gave herself completely to the performance and was one of the highlights of the program.

Netizens were thrilled with the drag dressed by Xanddy. The artist’s name was among the most talked about subjects on Twitter. And do not stop there! Gloria received praise from the axé singer himself, on Instagram: “I still can’t believe it. What a show! I received thousands of videos here, but I’m going to watch them in full on Globoplay”, wrote the Bahian.

Carla Perez, the eternal blonde from É o Tchan and the singer’s wife, also expressed herself: “I saw it and screamed: artist! My love, you rocked a lot”, said the dancer.

Groove took the opportunity to revere the singer of Harmonia once again on Instagram: “What an honor to honor this giant of Brazilian music. Xanddy, my king, your talent and charisma are irreplicable, but I hope I have managed to honor as a fan, your beautiful story in Harmonia do Samba, which has marked our lives so much. This is just the beginning of my trajectory in Show Dos Famosos. Let’s go #TeamGG”, promised the artist.

Gloria ended the first night of performances sharing first place with Fiuk, who imitated singer Amy Winehouse. The two tied with 39.6 points, followed by Margareth Menezes, who introduced herself as Neguinho da Beija-Flor and had a tenth less, totaling 39.5 points.

“Loving the repercussions of the debut! I believe I managed to deliver my message in the opening of this season. I’m very happy that Xanddy saw and liked the tribute… it gives that feeling of mission accomplished! I am also very grateful for the words of each juror. I can’t wait to start rehearsals for my next honoree. Let the group A come next week!” said Gloria.