GOL ordered to pay for make-up and hair removal for female employees | Beauty

GOL will have to indemnify employees
Gabriel Araújo

GOL will have to indemnify employees

The Labor Court condemned GOL Linhas Aéreas in a class action filed by the MPT (Public Ministry of Labor) regarding the requirement that female employees wear makeup. The company did not provide any assistance or indemnity for this.

The information is from the SNA (National Union of Aeronauts), which participated in the case as an assistant. In addition to makeup and waxing, the action includes aesthetic procedures, such as manicures and the use of accessories.

Sought by Folha de S.Paulo, the company did not comment on the decision. According to the lower court decision, GOL will have to pay compensation with expenses for personal appearance and also provide means to comply with the dress code and presentation.

The decision establishes the payment of indemnity in the amount of BRL 220 per month to each aeronaut employee (excluding installments prior to 9/21/2015 and employment contracts terminated until 9/21/2018). The company was also ordered to pay indemnity of R$ 500 thousand for collective moral damages, “in view of the conduct that gave rise to gender discrimination and women’s salary reduction”.

If there is no indemnity or supply, the Court determined that GOL refrain from demanding aesthetic procedures and acquisition of makeup from the employees, so as not to incur expenses for the workers.

Motions for clarification filed by Gol were judged and considered groundless. The sentence must be served after the final and unappealable decision of the action.