Grito dos Excluídos protests against Bolsonaro in Recife | Pernambuco

A group of people got together, in Recife, to participate in the 27th edition of the Grito dos Excluídos, a demonstration that traditionally takes place on Brazil’s Independence Day, celebrated this Tuesday (7). This year, the act calls for the departure of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and “life first”.

With banners and posters, the protesters also asked for popular participation, vaccine against Covid-19 for all, health, food, housing, work and income.

Protesters take action against President Bolsonaro in Recife

Protesters take action against President Bolsonaro in Recife

The walk started at 11am and traveled along Avenida Conde da Boa Vista. From the windows, residents of buildings on the road waved in support of the protesters, who sought to maintain social distance.

The concentration began at around 9 am, at Praça do Derby, in the central region of the capital. People wore masks, but there were some reports of crowding. Musicians also animated the act.

Recife, 9:50 am: There was music at the concentration of the act against Bolsonaro in Recife — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

The act was called by social movements, churches, trade union centrals, student movements and left-wing parties. The protest organization asked the protesters to wear masks at all times and respect social distance.

In Recife’s South Zone, supporters of the president stage a protest on Avenida Boa Viagem and a motorcade.

Recife, 10:25 am: Concentration of the act against Bolsonaro takes place at Praça do Derby, in the central region of Recife, this Tuesday (7) — Photo: Caique Luís/TV Globo

After the violent crackdown on a protest in May this year, in which two men lost sight of one eye and injured people, the Public Ministry of Pernambuco issued a recommendation for the Military Police to avoid excesses “in the use of force and inappropriate employment of weapons (lethal and non-lethal)”.

The recommendation was signed by the 7th Public Prosecutor for the Defense of Human Rights. It is in this prosecution that an administrative proceeding on the actions of the PM in protests is being processed.

The acts — for and against Bolsonaro — in the country take place amid clashes between the president and the Supreme Court (STF), and in a context of a sharp economic crisis and also a drop in popularity and in the evaluations of the president’s administration.

At the same time, the population is going through strong economic difficulties, with soaring inflation and unemployment close to record rates.

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