Gugu’s children live in a quarrel and detail in a photo of the twins draws attention

Gugu’s heiresses did not appear with their brother in the picture (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

the daughters of Gugu Liberato (1959-2019) appeared together in a photo with the mother, Rose Miriam, in this monday (6), the doctor’s birthday. The absence of the presenter’s eldest son, João Liberato, drew attention.

Marina and Sofia, 17, celebrated their mother’s birthday in Miami, USA. The boyfriends and the older brother, with whom they are fighting, did not appear in the images of the twins. Among the guests at Rose Miriam’s party were her friend Zilu Camargo.

It is worth remembering that the disagreement between the three heirs of Gugu Liberato occurred after the daughters protested against their older brother and aunt, Aparecida Liberato. They are in favor of the mother in the process of recognizing a stable union with the father.

With that, João Augusto and the sisters are side by side in this dispute. The twins defend the mother’s right to share in the TV animator’s heritage, while the eldest son joins forces with his aunt, named the inventor of Gugu’s fortune.

In July, the presenter’s son even stated, in a note, that the twins were being manipulated in his father’s inventory, and said that the emancipation of the 17-year-old sisters was “doubtful”.

The defense of Marina and Sofia, which is the same as that of Rose Miriam, in turn, countered that the “manipulation” occurred on the side that João defends and highlighted the “lack of maturity of the 19-year-old boy”.

Recently, the situation between them worsened, when a video of a statement Sofia and Marina gave to the court was leaked to the press. The two appear complaining about Aparecida Liberato’s attitude and complain that her aunt didn’t give her permission to buy a Porsche luxury car.

“I asked her (the aunt, Aparecida Liberato) for a raise of two thousand dollars and she was already saying that it was absurd to earn two thousand, since it’s not even close to what we have. Not even close to what she takes a month to pay our bills”, says one of the daughters.

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