How soon do you double the money in savings, treasury and CDB?

Are we going to simulate investments? The proposal is to show how long it would take you to double an investment in savings, interest-bearing accounts, Tesouro Direto or CDB. In Chat with Specialist, weekly and live program of UOL, economist César Esperandio showed that the difference between them reaches 13 years.

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Single contribution of BRL 1,000

Esperandio made the following simulation: a single investment of R$1,000 in the four types of investment: savings account, interest-bearing account, Tesouro Direto (public bonds) and CDB (private bonds).

The idea is to know how long it will take for each investment to reach R$2,000.

To make the projection, the economist, who is also from the channel Econoweek, considered the basic interest rate, the Selic, at 5.25% per year throughout the calculation. Savings currently yield 3.68% per year (70% of Selic) and are exempt from Income Tax (IR).

To calculate the remunerated account (which is not exempt from IR), he considered a yield of 100% of the CDI (which is usually 0.1 percentage point below the Selic; therefore, the CDI is 5.15% per year), and discounted the incidence of 15% of income tax on profitability.

At Tesouro Direto, a 2027 Selic Treasury bond is paying Selic plus 0.3018% of return (total of 5.55% per year). There is also an incidence of RI (15%).

“To facilitate the calculation, I considered that in 2027, the expiration date of this Selic Treasury, you will find another investment with the same conditions to reinvest the money. I did this just for simplification. And also for simplification, we will consider the Treasury bond in this calculation Prefixed 2026, which pays the return of 9.67% and has an incidence of 15% of the Income Tax”, said the economist.

The IPCA 2045 Treasury pays inflation plus a bonus of 4.58% per year. In order to calculate how long it will take you to double the initial single contribution of R$1,000, the economist considered an average inflation of 5% per year. There is also an incidence of IR in this case.

Among private fixed income securities, Esperandio calculated a fixed-rate CDB, with a yield of 13.51% per year and income tax.

It is important to note that the investment conditions mentioned here refer to August 26th. Fees may vary from day to day.

13 years of difference

Check the result:

  • Savings: 20 years
  • Paid account: 17 years
  • Selic Treasure: 16 years
  • Prefixed Treasure: 9 years
  • IPCA Treasury: 9 years
  • Prefixed CDB: 7 years

“It’s quite a difference. In savings accounts, it would take you 20 years to double your money. In a fixed-rate CDB, this term drops to seven years. That’s 13 years less than in savings,” he said.

Esperandio was categorical: savings are not worth it. “There is no income tax, but you have seen that profitability is worthless, compared to the profitability of other investments,” he declared.

According to him, not all the investments used in the projection he made are suitable for the emergency reserve, such as the fixed-rate CDB, which would need to stay for ten years with the money invested. “Despite doubling in value in seven years, you could only withdraw in ten years to have all the guaranteed profitability,” he said.

For the emergency reserve, it indicates Selic Treasury bonds and interest-bearing accounts that yield more than 100% of the CDI.

Best strategy is to invest little every month

For Esperandio, the best strategy is to invest a little every month. “It’s the potential of compound interest. Your money grows exponentially,” he said.

He gave an example of another simulation: investing R$100 every month, for 40 years, in three types of investment. See the result:

  • Without making any investment: R$ 48 thousand.
  • Savings: BRL 123.8 thousand
  • Application that yields 1% per month: around R$1.2 million.

“You don’t need, first, to gather a lot of money to start investing. The money needs to work in your favor,” he declared.

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