‘I know what happened’: Rafael Ilha disputes version of Gugu’s death

In an interview with the Inteligência Ltda. Gugu’s former employee said he didn’t believe the family’s version

Rafael Ilha, who worked with Gugu Liberato at the time of Grupo Polegar, gave an interview to the podcast Inteligência Ltda. by Rogério Vilela and talked about his life, career and what really happened to his former boss, who died in November 2019.

For the actor, the version presented by the family, that the presenter would have entered the ceiling of the house to make a repair in the air conditioning and fallen from there is not true.

Rafael also told how he learned of Gugu’s death. “I was recording ‘Troca de Família’ for Record and I didn’t believe it, in fact, I still don’t believe it to this day. I was washing the dishes right away and I heard William Bonner talking”, said the artist.

Rafael Ilha and Gugu Liberato worked together at the time of Grupo Polegar –  Photo: Internet ReproductionRafael Ilha and Gugu Liberato worked together at the time of Grupo Polegar – Photo: Reproduction Internet

“I know what really happened, and that wasn’t it. Hopefully one day people will have the opportunity to know. When Gugu would arrive and say: ‘Am I going to change this lamp?’. He never did that. Gugu doesn’t know how to change a light bulb. This did not happened. I know what happened”, reaffirmed Rafael.

Rogério Vilela questioned Rafael about what he thought had actually happened. “I think they could have told the truth. I just think that, it wouldn’t be a problem. It was a fatality, but I don’t think it’s fair. I went to the wake, talked to the family, and I know he’s in a good place now, looking down from above, and that’s what matters. I’ll miss it!”

Finally, Ilha praised Gugu: “He was the best presenter in Brazil. At the moment, it was! The most versatile guy, the guy would do anything, ‘A Fazenda’, ‘Family Exchange’, newspaper, talk show, ‘Canta Comigo’, everything’”, he said.

Neither Gugu’s family nor Rafael Ilha returned to comment on the matter after the repercussion of the artist’s speeches on the podcast.

Other controversies involving Gugu’s death

After accusing their aunt Aparecida Liberato of manipulation and cheating, Gugu Liberato’s twin daughters, Marina and Sofia, aged 17, are said to have borrowed $10,000 from the aunt. They allegedly needed the money to visit colleges in the United States and would also have claimed that the amount paid per month is not enough for expenses.

The information comes from reporter Fabíola Reipert, from Hora da Venenosa, on Record TV. According to her, in an email exchange that is part of the dispute over the inheritance of the communicator, who died in 2019, the twins ask for R$ 10 thousand each.

Twins want their mother's union with Gugu to be recognized –  Photo: Internet/Reproduction/NDTwins want their mother’s union with Gugu to be recognized – Photo: Internet/Reproduction/ND

In response, according to the reporter, Aparecida is surprised by the request, and says that the amount requested is a lot of money. She also claims that the girls are being “deceived” and questions “where did the education” given to them by their father go.

In a report to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, they stated that the aunt does not recognize that Rose Miriam, mother of the twins, and Gugu had a stable relationship. They decided to tell everything about their relationship after being emancipated.

Last month, Marina, Sofia and Rose met with the lawyer, as they want an independent audit of the inventory accounts. They also want to testify directly to the judge.

João Augusto with Marina, Sofia and Gugu Liberato –  Photo: Reproduction/InstagramJoão Augusto with Marina, Sofia and Gugu Liberato – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“My aunt and the lawyers say that my mother did not have a stable relationship with my father, but they did, we were a family and the only ones who know the truth are us,” Sofia said in an interview with the columnist.

“They said that they will never accept that my mother was my father’s partner and that we should not get involved in anything”, Marina adds.

The sisters would be in favor of an agreement and recognize the stable union between Gugu and his mother. Marina and Sofia are entitled to 63% of the inheritance.

The mother of the presenter’s three children, Rose, is fighting in court for the recognition of her stable union with Gugu Liberato and for the right to his inheritance, valued at R$ 1 billion.