‘I know what happened’, says Rafael Ilha about the death of Gugu Liberato

Credit: Playback/ YouTube

Rafael Ilha says that Gugu told him to “choose between work or drugs” (Credit: Reproduction/YouTube)

Rafael Ilha raised suspicions about the death of Gugu Liberato not have happened as reported by the media. In an interview with Inteligência Ltda., on Youtube, the singer said that he knows what happened, and that the presenter did not fall off the roof of his home in Orlando while making repairs to the air conditioning, in 2019.

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“I miss him so much. [A morte] It was something no one expected. I was recording Family Exchange when it happened [a notícia da morte] and I didn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it today. Sincerely. I was washing the dishes at the time and heard William Bonner speak on Jornal Nacional”, began the singer, who was managed by Gugu.

“I’ve been following the fall thing for two days and I don’t believe it. I know what happened. I know what really happened, and that wasn’t it. That is not what happened. Hopefully one day people can have the opportunity to know what really happened. But that wasn’t it”, he added. Rafael said that Gugu was not in the habit of doing household repairs and therefore does not believe he fell while fixing the air conditioner. “When Gugu would arrive and say: ‘Am I going to change this lamp?’ Do not do [sentido]. He never did that. He doesn’t know how to change a light bulb. This did not happened. I know what happened.”

“I don’t know why they gave this version. I think they could have told the truth. I just think that. It was a fatality anyway. I don’t think it’s fair. I went there to his wake, said goodbye and talked to the family. Never mind. He’s in a good place now. You’re looking down from above, and that’s what matters. Saudade will really stay”, concluded.

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