In Brasília, September 7th begins with invasion of the Esplanade by Pocketnaristas and threats to the Supreme Court

Pro-Jair Bolsonaro overcame a blockade by the Federal District Military Police and entered the Esplanade of Ministries on the night of Monday 6.

Videos shared on social media show that the president’s supporters celebrated his entry into the area. Some of them promised to “invade the STF” this September 7th.

Trucks, cars and protesters that crossed the barrier arrived in front of the Itamaraty Palace and stopped at a new blockade, near the National Congress. This group, which was stopped near a bus station, decided at around 8 pm to pressure police officers and access the prohibited area.

The movement lost momentum in the early morning, but there were still Bolsonaro supporters alongside the trucks. Shortly before, at around 10 pm, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) arrived at the scene and climbed into one of the vehicles. Attacks on the Federal Supreme Court and threats to ministers marked the declarations of pocketnaristas on the spot.

In a statement, the Public Security Department of the Federal District stated that “demonstrators broke barriers of containment” and failed to comply with the agreement.

“The Military Police of the Federal District is on the spot to re-establish the situation. Praça dos Três Poderes remains interdicted by a fence and line of police”, says the note.

Through social networks, one of the Pocketinarians celebrating the group’s decision to ignore the agreement with the Police was the Minister of the Comptroller General of the Union, Wagner Rosário.

“It is beautiful to see Brasília being taken over by good people. Orderly people, who only want to live in a fairer, freer and more democratic country. It’s beautiful to see!!! Long live the 7th of September!!!”, he wrote.

PT president Gleisi Hoffmann published a video at the beginning of the night with the message: “That’s what the fuss caused by pocketnaristas in Brasília is, noise. We have to be patient, phlegm now. No action is in our governability. They want to intimidate. If we stop playing their videos we would help a lot!”.

O deputado Alexandre Frota (PSDB-SP), opositor de Bolsonaro, publicou registros em seu Twitter:

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