Independence week begins with tension in the financial market

The financial market suffered fluctuations due to the tense climate with the demonstrations scheduled to take place in a large part of the country this Tuesday, 7. The GDP, exchange rate and inflation were indicators that were impacted by the Focus Bulletin.

For commentator of Canal Rural Miguel Daoud, the presence of central bank in this context, it is extremely important, as it indicates market expectations. “There are 52 Focus Bulletins that are released by the Central Bank during the year, managing market expectations. For this reason, the presence of the institution in these indicators is important, in order to have a market orientation”, he explains.

Daoud also emphasizes that these fluctuations are a reflection of the market’s dissatisfaction and pessimism, given the indicators presented by the bulletin. “In recent bulletins there has been a worsening in the issue of inflation, which is on the rise, GDP is falling and the dollar is rising. The scenario we are experiencing reflects these changes and this reality ends up indexing the economy to the pessimism of the financial market. This is the responsibility of the Focus Bulletin, as it brings the reality that does not please the market and ends up bringing a negative scenario and the cycle starts to get worse. Not only for agribusiness, but for the economy as a whole”, he concludes.