Intel CEO: “Best CPUs in the fight with AMD and pressure on GPUs against NVIDIA”

Pat Gelsinger gave statement during interview with technology expert

In an interview for Pierre Ferragu, specialist in technology subjects, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, gave more details of the company’s strategy to recover the space lost to the rival OMG and go head-on with the nvidia in the market of GPUs. Gelsinger he also spoke about the company’s plans in the segment of products for companies and the climate of the Intel over the IDM 2.0.

In relation to processors, the company’s breadwinner, Gelsinger said that the future generation of CPUs Alder Lake with hybrid cores will bring a gain in performance and energy efficiency (reducing consumption). O CEO, in a clear moment of exchange of barbs, said that “OMG there is only one [núcleo]”. Still conforming to the quotes of Gelsinger, the boss of Intel it (very) simplified what they need to do against the rival: make better products. While I said this when asked about business products, the same is true for the PC segment.

In a benchmark found on Geekbench, the Intel Core i9-12900K hit the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. However, possible leaked generation specifications Alder Lake show a Power Level high for the K line processors.

Gelsinger acknowledged that the period is more favorable for the OMG, but the Diamond Rapids, Ice Lake and Sapphire Rapids generations (scheduled for 2023) will again bring competitiveness against the OMG. He even added that the Intel will make three big architecture announcements this week

When talking about the arrival of Intel to the market of video cards with the Intel Arc, Pat Gelsinger said that the architecture of GPUs will put pressure on nvidia “for the first time”. THE Intel also competes with the manufacturer in the segment of video cards for high-performance computing (HPC). In the HPC area, where the OMG is also going strong, the CEO said he expects that in 3 or 4 years Intel regain and maintain the lead.

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When talking about the IDM 2.0, Intel’s new strategy to expand its chip manufacturing and rival the big companies that dominate that market share, Gelsinger he had his administration professor moment. The CEO said that the mentality of employees at Intel is focused on achieving the company’s goals and adding up. Through the statement, it is clear that the company is seeking greater alignment to carry out plans to take what it lost to the OMG and go head-on with the nvidia.


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Via: WCCF Tech Source: Pierre Ferragu