International politicians warn of ‘insurrection’ in Brazil

A group of more than 150 politicians and international personalities, including parliamentarians and former prime ministers, released this Monday (6) a document warning of the risk of an “insurrection” in Brazil on September 7th.

Bolsonaro called for protests against the Judiciary and Legislative powers

Bolsonaro called for protests against the Judiciary and Legislative powers

Photo: EPA / Ansa – Brazil

The open letter arrives on the eve of the demonstrations called by the increasingly unpopular President Jair Bolsonaro against the Supreme Court (STF) and Congress, amid a pandemic scenario still unchecked and soaring inflation.

According to the document, the acts organized by Bolsonaro and his allies, “including white supremacist groups, military police and public officials at all levels of government”, raise fears “of a coup in the third largest democracy in the world”.

“We, elected representatives from all over the world, are sounding the alarm: on September 7, 2021, an insurrection will jeopardize democracy in Brazil,” says the text.

The document also mentions the unusual military parade promoted by the Navy in Brasília on August 10, the day of the analysis of the proposal for the vote printed in Congress, in addition to the president’s recurrent threats not to allow the 2022 elections to be held.

“Now Bolsonaro is calling on his supporters to travel to Brasília on September 7, in an act of intimidation against the country’s democratic institutions,” the letter said, adding that Brazilian lawmakers have already warned that the president is trying to imitate the uprising of voters in Donald Trump v. US Congress on January 6th.

“We are very concerned about the imminent threats to Brazil’s democratic institutions and remain vigilant to protect them on September 7 and beyond. The Brazilian people have struggled for decades to protect democracy against a military regime. Bolsonaro cannot steal it now “, concludes the document.

Among the signatories of the text are the former prime minister of Spain José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the former president of Paraguay Fernando Lugo, the intellectual Noam Chomsky and parliamentarians from several countries around the world, especially from Latin America and Europe.

Also signed the letter Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the Italian General Confederation of Labor (Cgil), the most powerful union in the country.