iPhone 13: New Leaked Video Supposedly Confirms Next Generation Name

Expected to be announced by Apple this month, the next generation iPhone has yet to have its official name confirmed by the company, however several rumors point to the ‘iPhone 13’, a nomenclature that has been gaining ground in the media in recent days as new leaks go. coming up.

Previously some leaks pointed to the term ‘iPhone 12s’ in new models, but the Cupertino giant must leave that name aside in order to keep using the terms ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ to refer to the most powerful smartphones among the too much.

This week we had the leak of supposed images that reveal a batch of MagSafe protective covers and that apparently are from the ‘iPhone 13 Pro Max‘, information that theoretically confirms the name of the next iPhones, although the manufacturer has yet to reveal details about it.

The video was initially posted by another profile and deleted shortly thereafter, but followers downloaded the content and reposted it on the social network. In the video, it is possible to observe several boxes piled up in a place that appears to be a factory or warehouse, however it is not possible to authenticate their veracity. Look:

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