‘It is more dignified to take off your clothes than to live deceiving the people’

Who sees close does not see run is one of the new sayings that are part of the popular imagination. And that Renata Frisson, the Melon Woman knows well. Indignant with what has been happening in Brazil, she decided to protest this Independence Day in her own way: taking off her clothes.

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The chosen location? Brasilia. “I have family there and I thought: I’m already here and I’m going to do a protest rehearsal. What motivated me was everything that’s happening in our country. It’s so much bad, deaths, poverty, lack of direction… I think more worthy to live undressing in my Only Fans, for example, than to live as a politician, who deceives the people”, says she, who had to be quick not to receive a warning or even detained while doing a topless in front of Congress: “I was already prepared with a suit jacket. When I did, I opened it quickly and we took the photo before anyone arrived”.

Melão woman goes topless in Brasília to protest on Independence Day
Melão woman goes topless in Brasília to protest on Independence Day Photo: Allan Rrod/ publicity

Melon experienced up close the ins and outs of politics in the country. Not for being in the federal capital many times. But because she herself already tried for a position as state deputy in 2010, by the Humanist Solidarity Party (PHS). “Being on the other side was even more disappointing. At the time of the campaign, it was so sad to see those people so poor, marginalized, forgotten, believing in a politician’s promise that I knew I wouldn’t do anything for them. It made me sick,” she recalls , who had only 1631 votes and never approached public office again: “As long as our base is not education, nothing will change. Until they allocate resources for this and also for health, nothing will move forward. We are Every day later, we women, so… I can’t even post my topless that you’ll be denounced and even banned from Instagram, because a woman’s nudity ‘may bother’ someone. Meanwhile, there in Planalto, they play with the worst weapons that has”.

Mulher Melão was a candidate for federal deputy in 2010
Mulher Melão was a candidate for federal deputy in 2010 Photo: rep/ TRE

She says that if she were in the place of Dom Pedro I, who declared Brazil’s independence from Portual, she would say the same phrase as him: “Independence or Death”. “I wouldn’t have another sentence to shout. It’s still current and it’s being fulfilled. So many deaths due to poverty, hunger, lack of health, sanitation, everything that the government doesn’t give us. Or we’re really independent of it. everything or dies. I would only add a warning to the politicians: if they don’t stop thinking only about them and stealing so much, who will pay the bill are their descendants, because chaos is formed”.[óneleseroubartantoquemvaipagaracontasãoosdescendentesdelesporqueocaosestáformado”