Journalist reveals UK government’s preparation for Queen Elizabeth’s death

The report clarifies that the disclosure of the operations plan should not be taken as a sign that the 95-year-old Queen’s health has been compromised.

Journalist Alex Wickham, from POLITICAL, revealed the plan of the UK government involving the actions after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Entitled London Bridge, the national security plan includes several actions and authorities, including the prime minister who will be in office when the Queen dies. As planned, the prime minister will be alerted by a phone call from a public official telling him or her “London Bridge is down,” and there are reports that the death will be announced through a newscast in the Press Association.

The UK government’s plan has been revealed little by little over the years, and only now has a media outlet been able to gain access to the protocol in full. The government’s security operation provides for managing the immediate consequences of the Queen’s death and includes official blackouts on social media and a ban on retweets.

The social media strategy plays a key role, including plans to change the royal family’s website to a black page with a short statement confirming the Queen’s death, while the website and all government social media pages will display a black belt. Non-urgent content will not be published and retweets will be prohibited, unless authorized by the British government’s head of communication.

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The Long Bridge Operation documents detail that the Queen’s coffin will be carried in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Palace, where it will rest on an elevated box known as a catafalque, which will be open to the public 23 hours a day for three days.

The funeral will be held 10 days after his death and announced as a “national mourning day”, but it will not be an official holiday. If it falls on a weekday, it will be up to employers to grant the day off to their staff.

On the other hand, another operation, entitled Spring Tide, establishes how Prince Charles will ascend to the throne. Official documents also raised concerns from the UK Foreign Office about how to deal with the significant influx of tourists for both occasions and also about how to deal with potential alerts.