Former President Lula has traveled the country to form political alliances: Federal District Court decision benefits the PT| Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/PT

The Federal Court of the Federal District blocked a criminal action in which former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was accused of corruption for allegedly having received improper advantages to influence the increase in the limit of an Odebrecht credit line with the National Development Bank Economic and Social (BNDES) for investments in Angola.

The decision, signed by judge Frederico Botelho de Barros Viana, of the 10th Federal Court of the Federal District, was released this Monday (6). In addition to Lula, it affects businessman Marcelo Odebrecht and former ministers Antonio Palocci and Paulo Bernardo de Souza, other defendants in the process.

In her decision, Viana maintains that, despite the action being based on elements that would have the ability to indicate alleged criminal conduct attributed to the defendants, it is necessary to consider all the evidence that supported the complaint and were affected by the decision of the Supreme Court (STF) who declared the suspicion of former judge Sérgio Moro.

“The continuity of the present process, which in fact should be a step forward, as highlighted by the MPF, was impaired. To persist with the instruction of a criminal action whose just cause is no longer clear would be to make efforts in a null case. , the existence of a minimum just cause is an essential element not only for the receipt of the complaint, but also constitutes an essential condition for its continuation”, justified Viana.