Juju Ferrari, Botafogo’s muse, reveals if he’s already hooked up with MC Kevin

Juju Ferrari, official muse of Botafogo, opened the game and revealed if he ever had a romantic relationship with MC Kevin, who died in May after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The funkeiro was married to Deolane Calf, with whom she got into trouble this past weekend.

At the time, the digital influencer was questioned by an internet user through the question box in the Stories from Instagram. “Guys, I met him in 2016, at a club in the North Zone [de São Paulo]. And at the time I was accompanied by a person much older than him, and he has already called me several times…”, she said, without giving any further details.

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The Botafogo muse also answered another follower by citing the recent controversy with Deolane Bezerra. “I just said what I think because I’ve seen her humiliating people a lot, saying a lot of things just because she gained a few million followers on Instagram, and no one had the courage to go up against her,” fired Juju Ferrari, who continued to lash out at the criminal lawyer.

“I think it served a little bit for people to see her level. The prejudiced, aggressive person, the love that for me is the ‘doctor of hate’, not of love”, finished the blonde.

Juju Ferrari, Muse of Botafogo (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

understand the controversy

Last Saturday (4), Juju Ferrari tore opined on Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevin. According to her, who is a pre-candidate for state deputy of São Paulo, the lawyer is taking advantage of the artist’s death to promote herself in the media.

“I have nothing against her. But I think it’s awful to promote yourself on someone’s death. Apart from being rude, and all that… But I really say, that’s my opinion”, fired the muse of Botafogo. Deolane, in turn, countered the beauty, and they exchanged several criticisms and heavy accusations on the web.

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