know the reason for the date and see what hinders the pleasure of many people

There are people who say that “if you organize properly, everyone gets laid…”, but it happens that sometimes not even the most methodical Virgos are capable of taking on such planning.

This Monday, September 6th, the curious Sex Day is celebrated. Despite this, the act is still taboo for many people or even a cause for concern for others. To try to get around the difficulties that can interfere with the smooth running under the sheets, check out some reasons that hinder the most at the moment of intimacy with two (or three, four…).

Before that, know that Sex Day has its origins in the symbolism of its commemorative date: September 6th. That is: 6/9. An allusion to the sexual position known as 69 (half-nine).

The movement for its creation was led by the condom brand Olla, which carried out a marketing action in 2008 in favor of “Sex Day”. The action was a success and gained supporters in the following years, with several other companies entering this celebration annually.

In the following years, the company continued active on this date, raising banners such as consent between the parties, the importance of using condoms and inspiring people to “live their truths” during the relationship.

The movement gained such proportions that Olla even proposed the inclusion of Sex Day in the Brazilian national calendar. His manifesto, which is intended to disseminate information about safe sex, has won thousands of signatures, but has not been made official to date.

Now no more stalling, THE PEOPLE listed some factors that discourage sexual relationships, especially among those people who are together in a long-term relationship.

women don’t get there

What is quite common among men is still a rarity for many women: orgasm. According to a study by the Department of Female Sexual Pain Disorders, University of São Paulo (USP), 55% of Brazilian women do not have orgasms during sexual intercourse.

Another survey, by the Archives of Sexual Behaviors, stated that, worldwide, 60% of women in heterosexual relationships pretended to be experiencing orgasm.

female pains

Among the various causes that prevent women from reaching orgasm are the pain felt at the time of penetration. Also according to the USP survey, 59.7% of Brazilian women suffer from this condition.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

These are among the main reasons that can turn men off. But also women, because they end up not even having time to feel pleasure, thus leaving the relationship dissatisfied and frustrated. Remembering that this problem presents itself both among heterosexual and homosexual men.

Routine, tiredness and monotony in the relationship

Taking care of the home, children and work is a stressful and common routine in the lives of many women. Added to this, the monotony of the relationship, without any innovation, comes to demotivate even more at the time of intimacy.

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If you find yourself with any of these problems or others not mentioned above, seek professional help.

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