La Casa de Papel on Netflix: Protagonist Opins on Shocking Season 5 Death That Revolted Fans – Series News

Attention: this text contains big spoilers about the series starring Ursula Corberó and Álvaro Morte.

The first part of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel has already reached the Netflix catalogue, bringing a great war to the Resistance. The result was a series of chaotic sequences that culminated in the death of a character loved by fans. As doubts continue for the other half of the Spanish series’ final season, it’s time to assimilate the tragic loss of a leading role and see what the star’s opinion is behind that moment.

Who died in La Casa de Papel?

The fifth season of La Casa de Papel showed Professor (Alvaro Morte) being held hostage by former inspector Sierra (Najwa Nimri), but the situation was also complicated within the Bank of Spain. After all, the group of Resistance survivors went on to fight the relentless squad of Major Sagasta (José Manuel Seda), one of the new characters in the series, who invades the bank with the aim of annihilating the gang.

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After many shots, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) ends up sacrificing herself for her friends, being shot several times. Even so, she survives and manages to keep fighting, until she is cornered by the squad. Suddenly, her great enemy appears, Gandía (José Manuel Poga), who is about to shoot her, as he did with Nairobi (Alba Flores), in one of the most tragic moments of the entire series. However, the narrator of the series turns the game around, in her last breaths of life, taking the pins from all the grenades that she carries in her body, killing the villain in an explosion and avenging the loss of her friend.

“If my body can’t escape, at least my soul escapes,” says Tokyo before the grenades detonate, as his classmates realize what happened, all looking bleak as the series’ biggest theory crumbles before the viewer’s eyes.

Úrsula Corberó talks about the death of La Casa de Papel

For now, the question remains about who will narrate the series, now that Tokyo is gone, but the public can know the backstage of this new phase of production. Netflix has released the special La Casa de Papel: From Tokyo to Berlin, which features interviews with the stars of the production created by Álex Pina, which has become one of the platform’s biggest Spanish hits. In it, Úrsula Corberó says goodbye to the famous character, getting emotional when she talks about the subject:

“This show is addictive. I complained, I suffered, but in the end… What touches me on this show is the people. I don’t know if I’ll find that again in my career. They give it their all. And that’s typical, it’s also part of it. of our culture. We do things with passion. That’s why the show was so successful. That’s priceless. […] The end of Tokyo is very symbolic. It also shows a moral about enjoying life. I find this very interesting. Let’s in the episode all these lives that she spoke of come together. The lives she lived. Because the Professor gave you a second life. Is very beautiful.”

So it’s easy to say that the internet hasn’t gotten over the loss of the character yet, but it’s already trying to prepare her emotions for the second half of the season. La Casa de Papel returns with its final episodes on December 3rd.