Labor Court dismisses Rogério Caboclo for a year from CBF for investigation of sexual harassment | soccer

Judge Aline Maria Leporaci Lopes, from the Regional Labor Court of Rio de Janeiro, decided this Monday to remove Rogério Caboclo from the CBF for a year. In the decision, the magistrate accepted the request of the Public Ministry of Labor and prevented the entry and permanence of the top hat in the entity until September 2022.

In the preliminary decision, the TRT of Rio determined a fine of R$ 500 thousand per day if CBF or Caboclo disobeys the decision. Since June, when he was accused of sexual harassment and moral harassment by an employee of the entity, the director, who denies the accusations, has been out of the CBF by decision of the Ethics Commission.

Rogério Caboclo has been out of the CBF presidency since June 6 — Photo: Agif

After the temporary leave, the agency suspended Caboclo for 15 months. By the decision, which needs to be ratified by the General Assembly of the CBF – composed of the 27 presidents of state federations -, the director could return to the entity in September 2022, before the end of his term, in April 2023.

According to the judge, Caboclo should be removed from the entity as a way to protect the employees who denounced the leader. After the first complaint, two other women claimed to have been victims of sexual harassment by Rogério Caboclo.

As the employee’s employer, CBF is the one investigated. In the communiqué opening the investigation, the MPT reminds that violence and harassment, according to a convention of the International Labor Organization, “are intolerable in the work environment” and cause physical, psychological, sexual or economic harm to the victim

CBF investigation: Rogério Caboclo remains removed from the presidency

CBF investigation: Rogério Caboclo remains removed from the presidency

Another employee filed a complaint against the top hat for moral harassment. In it, CBF’s Information Technology director, Fernando França, states that Rogério Caboclo practiced “illicit and disgusting conduct”.

The director also stated that he was “injured, defamed and suffered threatening aggressions, which undoubtedly characterizes an abuse of power and an affront to the principle of morality.” Also according to Fernando França, Caboclo asked him to “staple, monitor, break fiscal secrecy” of the employee who made the first harassment report.

The investigation seeks to verify the relationship between directors, other superiors, vice presidents and the president, Rogério Caboclo – the target of the complaints – and their employees. The investigation will focus on suspected sexual harassment, but may be extended to situations of psychological harassment, depending on the testimony of witnesses.

Since August 25, the CBF has been led by Ednaldo Rodrigues, former presidents of the Bahia Football Federation.

Complaints against Caboclo

In total there are three women who claim to have been harassed by Rogério Caboclo. The three cases were revealed by ge. The leader denies all charges.

Hear audios of the complaint of harassment against Rogério Caboclo, removed from the presidency of the CBF

Hear audios of the complaint of harassment against Rogério Caboclo, removed from the presidency of the CBF

Among the facts narrated by the first complainant are constraints suffered in trips and meetings with the president and in the presence of directors of CBF. In the complaint, the employee details the day when the manager, after successive abusive behavior, asked if she “wanked” – the audio of this conversation was revealed by Fantástico on June 6th. Among other episodes, according to the employee, Caboclo offered her a dog biscuit, calling her a “bitch”.

This first denunciation resulted in Caboclo’s removal for 15 months. The others will still be judged by the Ethics Committee.