Last Corinthians vs Youth Serie A in SP had Willian on the field and victory in Alvinegra

The last time Juventude came to São Paulo to face Corinthians for the Brazilian Serie A, only one athlete from the current squad was on the field: midfielder Willian. Still out of the list of related, the player started in the clash held in the first round of the tournament, in 2007, with a 1-0 win alvinegra.

Corinthians went to the field with Philip; Edson Sitta (Eduardo Ratinho), Fábio Ferreira, Concrete, Marcelo Mattos, Rosinei, Marcelo Oliveira, Willian, Finazzi, Zelão and Éverton Santos (Lulinha). The coach was Paulo César Carpegiani.

Willian, already a technical reference for the team, did not participate in Finazzi’s goal, but he could easily have opened the scoring if he had a little more luck or quality around him.

First, still in the initial stage, he kicked the ball from the penalty spot towards the goal, but the round deflected Finazzi and went outside. Then, in the second half, he crossed the ball for Lulinha to finish almost inside the small area, but his teammate sent him out.

The midfielder would emerge as one of the best in the tournament in that first round, even though he needed to serve the Under-20 team at the World Cup in his category, doing enough to be sold for 19 million dollars, the biggest sale in Timon’s history.

See the best moments from that game:

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