Luciano Huck reveals that he was committed to falling in love with Angelica

One of the most solid couples on Brazilian television, Luciano Huck and Angelica have been together for nearly two decades. However, there are some curious details about their relationship, such as the fact that, when they fell in love, the two were already dating.

The story is told by Luciano himself, in a chapter of his new book, “De Porta em Porta”. According to the new presenter on Sundays at Globo, both he and Angelica were in previous relationships when they fell in love, during the filming of the movie “A summer show”.

This time there was not one, but two small details: she was dating, and so was I”, details the presenter in the book, stating that he found himself in love before “the end of the first page of reading the text”.

This was not, however, the first time the two met. In the book, Luciano also recounts three occasions in which he “bumped into” Angélica before dating: backstage at a magazine rehearsal, at the launch party for “Caldeirão” in 2000 and during the recording of a painting in Noronha for his program .

About this last meeting, the presenter commented briefly during participation in “Conversa com Bial”, in June.

“It was love at first sight, I was kissing her during the article. I’m literally delighted. I could never say that on television,” said Huck at the time, feeling embarrassed. “Angelica was the best gift that life has given me. Fate to have crossed us at some point was a gift of life. She is a woman who makes me better every day, who enhances the best of me. (…) She taught me to breathe, to calm down.”

What was the solution, then, to the impasse during the meeting during the film? Stay together. Luciano details that the backstage of the production was a “film story”.

Backstage footage was worthy of the term “film story”. The two of us, the protagonists, ended the relationships we were in and immersed ourselves in our love tale.” Luciano Huck

Luciano and Angelica started dating 2003 and got married the following year. The two are parents of Joaquim (16 years old), Benício (13 years old) and Eva (8 years old).