Luísa Sonza comments on threats she suffers on the Internet: ‘I’ve already received a gun picture’

Singer Luísa Sonza, 23, commented on the attacks she suffers on social networks and revealed that she has even received photos of weapons. The reports took place in an interview with Poddelas, a podcast conducted by Tata Estaniecki, 27, and Bruna Unzueta.

“Anything in my life that’s live, I keep thinking all the time that people are calling me a lot and that people are going to finish me off the next day. I have a lot of problems like that in my head,” Sonza said. .

Recently, the artist confirmed the end of her relationship with singer Vitão, 22, and said that despite not wanting to break up, “it’s difficult for any relationship to be maintained amidst the pressure and attack we’ve been experiencing in recent times.”

She said she has lawsuits against people who attacked her. “I’ve sued a lot of people, there are a lot of them. There are death threats. When the threat is real, they have to file a police report. I’ve already received a photograph of a weapon, my family too. I have to take care of it. [para evitar ataques].”

“I understand that each one gives what they can in life. If people are giving it to me, it’s because they’re not well, I’ve learned to understand people. Maybe one day I might not be well and do shit with each other.” , reflected the artist.

In May this year, the singer announced that she would stay away from her social networks. At the time, she was attacked by haters who linked her to the death of her ex-husband’s son, Whindersson Nunes. Shaken, she even postponed the launch of the new work to take care of mental health.