Mad cow: why new cases in Brazil are less serious than the lethal epidemic of the 1990s

A calf close to its herd

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Mad cow disease caused an epidemic that killed animals and people in the 1990s

News that Brazil has indefinitely suspended beef exports to China over the weekend due to the identification of two cases of mad cow has raised concerns among some consumers and created uncertainty about the price of the product.

The Ministry of Agriculture quickly issued a note saying that the cases identified in slaughterhouses in Belo Horizonte and Nova Canaã do Norte (MT) do not pose a risk to human or animal health.

“The measure, which will take effect from this Saturday (09/04), will take place until the Chinese authorities conclude the evaluation of the information already passed on about the cases.”

The slaughterhouse in Belo Horizonte was closed, according to the Minas Gerais Agricultural Institute (IMA).