Magalu will draw up to R$1 million in cashback; see how to participate

Magalu launched the “Cashback do Milhão” campaign, with 11 weekly draws and a final prize of R$ 1 million. Find out how to participate.

Last Sunday (05/09), Magazine Luiza launched the campaign “Cashback of the Million”. The project will guarantee the country’s first millionaire through the “cash back” modality, that is, cashback. There will be 11 weekly draws in total, with values ​​of R$100 thousand. There will also be a final prize of R$1 million, which should be drawn in early December.

In general terms, the “Million Cashback” comes as an expansion strategy for Magalu’s financial arm. Even because the company received authorization from the Central Bank to incorporate the Fintech Hub, which was purchased in December 2020. The campaign will have several merchandising actions in the Domingão do Huck program, in addition to a film starring the same presenter.

How to apply for the Million Cashback?

To participate in the “Cashback of the Million” campaign, it will be necessary buy any item on Magalu (physical store, website or superapp), including products from sellers in the marketplace. Purchases must be made by November 30, 2021. Each merchandise purchased must generate an automatic lucky number.

They will be considered as “tickets” for the draws, which will take place on Wednesdays. All Million Cashback Prizes will be deposited at “Magalupay” digital accounts. Remembering that they are linked to the CPFs of buyers. Through the platform, it is also possible to pay bills and make bank transfers.

In all, there will be a draw of R$2.1 million in cashback through the Magalu campaign. All rules and conditions can be found on the Cashback do Milhão website.