Magé investigates link between pet death and rabies vaccine | Rio de Janeiro

The Municipality of Magé, in the Baixada Fluminense, opened an investigation to investigate complaints that some pets had reactions to the rabies vaccine applied in the municipality. Ten animals would have died after taking the supposed immunizer.

According to the municipal administration, the vaccination of all cases of reactions and deaths of the animals took place at a single post in Magé, during the campaign for immunization against rabies, on Saturday (4).

“Since the first moment, the Municipal Health Department (of Magé) has been closely following the events, even offering support for the rescue of animals. So far, we have a record of 10 pet deaths”, informed the city hall.

According to the secretariat, within the scope of the investigation, syringes, other supplies and instruments used in the vaccination process at the post – which would normally be discarded – were collected and taken for analysis. The animals’ bodies will also undergo autopsy.

A preliminary analysis by the municipality indicates that the reaction in the animals may have been caused by “human failure”. Testimonies collected by Magé’s administration suggest that the liquid applied to the animals may have been insulin rather than the immunizing agent.

“Out of a total of almost 36 thousand doses applied last Saturday, in 53 vaccination posts, only a single unit registered the reactions”, reinforced the city hall.

The municipality added that “all the staff involved in the vaccination process that took place at the unit was removed by an act of the Health Department, this Monday (6)”. The situation should continue like this until the conclusion of the investigation and the arrival of the reports.

The city hall also informed that “if the suspicions are confirmed, the agents who worked in the unit will be dismissed and all documents of the administrative process will be forwarded to the police authorities for criminal accountability”.

Councilor calls for campaign in Rio to be postponed

After what happened in Magé, the chairman of the Rio Chamber Animal Rights Commission, councilor Luiz Ramos Filho (PMN), asked municipal Health Secretary Daniel Soranz by letter that the campaign in the capital, scheduled to start next Saturday , be postponed.

Ramos says that part of the same batch of rabies vaccines applied in Magé came to Rio and, therefore, asked for the campaign to be suspended until the contamination of the shipment is confirmed or not.

The councilor also sent an official letter to the state secretary of Health, Alexandre Chieppe, and stated that he would go to court to prevent these first 110,000 doses of the rabies vaccine from being distributed in Rio.

“You cannot endanger the lives of so many animals. I have already sent a message to Secretary Daniel Soranz. If necessary, I will go to court to prevent the distribution of this batch of vaccine, it is not possible to endanger the lives of so many animals” , said the councilor.