Maicon tells backstage and wants to repeat the example of Renato at Grêmio: “I’m getting ready”


The midfielder, who since last week is no longer a player at the club from Rio Grande do Sul, opened the game about his plans to return to Tricolor in the future.

Renato and Maicon: steering wheel wants to follow the ex-coach's example (Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio/Disclosure)


Renato and Maicon: steering wheel wants to follow the ex-coach’s example (Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio/Disclosure)

the steering wheel Maicon was received with party by the fans of Guild in Porto Alegre. After terminate your contract with the club last week, the midfielder returned this Monday (6) to the state capital and was met at the airport. Shirt 8 says goodbye to Tricolor Gaucho after 246 games, 15 goals and 19 assists in addition to a series of titles, such as the Copa do Brasil, in 2016, and Libertadores, the following year.

It is very gratifying to be received in this way (…) NIt wasn’t the way out I wanted, the way it was, but it was good to see children, old people and young people recognizing everything I’ve done. It will be forever marked in my life, my family, my friends. And thank everyone at the club. Thank the president, Felipão… I arrived with him and I’m leaving with him”, he said.

“Thanking Renato (Portaluppi) for all the partnership we’ve had all these years. With titles! The joy of seeing the Arena always packed and when we won the Libertadores we could see Porto Alegre taken in blue for us to celebrate. This is priceless. Gratitude… Tomorrow I’m going to the club to say goodbye to my teammates“, added Maicon, who told behind the scenes of the departure of the club.

The steering wheel won a series of titles by Tricolor (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

In common agreement with the board, president and my manager, we decided it was time for me to take a break and think if, next year, I’ll play again. But, without a doubt, Grêmio will remain in my story. It was the best moment of my career, I won titles, I made mistakes, I got it right, but always trying to represent the crowd“, stated the steering wheel.

With an eye on the future, Maicon thinks about returning to Tricolor and has Renato like example. “I’m getting ready, I’m taking a course to be a coach. Maybe in the near future I can come back and do like Renato, history as a player and coach“, completed the steering wheel, who arrived from São Paulo in 2015, and became one of the leaders of the Grêmio cast.