Marcos Mion has a surprising reaction when he finds out what Ana Maria Braga did

Marcos Mion
Marcos Mion was just happy to see what Ana Maria Braga did on TV (Image: Reproduction – Instagram – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Marcos Mion is living a moment of great happiness. This Monday (6), the presenter was surprised with Ana Maria Braga returning joke made by him in the last cauldron. On social media, he reacted to what he watched.

“Good morning to those who woke up dying but doing well“, shot the famous, laughing, before sharing a photo in which the owner of Mais Você appears using a cell phone with a personalized cover with an image of the ex-Record.

Still on Instagram Stories, Marcos Mion added: “Did you see this? Ana Maria, I love you”. In a feed post, he put the presenter’s video. “I died, but I’m fine. That’s what I went to Globo for. Namaria, I love you!”, commented the presenter.

In the morning, it is worth remembering, she showed a little of what happened in the debut of Cauldron with Mion. “I was so thrilled to end your show and see you with a picture of me on your cell phone cover that I had a new cover made for my cell phone. First, you said you wanted Ana Maria’s phone number, come here and I’ll give you”, was amused the presenter, who invited:

“Thank you for the affection! Very welcome! I haven’t had the opportunity to receive you here yet, let’s talk so I can see you coming through this door so we can give you that hug and congratulate you for the father and professional that you are”.

Mion’s joke took place in the picture Isto a Globo Não Mostra, in which he reviews scenes from the Rio station’s programming and has fun making his jokes.

Among the moments was Ana Maria’s praise for journalist Thiago Oliveira. Then, the presenter showed that he made a new cell phone cover using the photo of the presenter from Mais Você and invited himself to have breakfast with her.

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