Marília Mendonça shocks with an unexpected attitude after Maiara broke up with Fernando Zor

Marília Mendonça
Marília Mendonça takes action after Maiara ends her relationship with Fernando Zor (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Marília Mendonça resorted to social networks last weekend to speak out about the end of the relationship between mahara and Fernando Zor.

When faced with some videos in which the new single of the block appears enjoying the night in Miami in the company of Anitta, the singer insisted on reacting.

“Anitta can join the squad to take Maiara to the pros, because if she depends on her sister’s vein and the tired one here, she’s fucked”, shot.

Hours before the post, Anitta had posted some videos in Stories giving love advice to Maraisa’s sister.

Come to mommy and I’ll teach you how to live dear that you’re living wrong. Yo-yo was made just for children to play, baby. Go, go… write this one down”, stated at the time.

“If I see any news ‘Maiara comes back, Maiara ends’, we fight! I don’t talk to her anymore. Then that’s it! She will choose now”, said still.

Fernando and Marília, it’s worth recapitulating, started dating in March 2019 and the couple’s fans have even lost count of how many times they broke up and got back together.

Recently, columnist Leo Dias, from the website Metrópoles, revealed that the sertanejos again ended their engagement. In the note, a pivot for the termination of the relationship was appointed.

The journalist warned that Sorocaba’s partner, lately, had been feeling very jealous of Maiara with Henrique, who is a partner with Juliano, preventing any approach between the bride and her professional colleague.

Maraisa’s sister posted a video on story from Instagram, where she sang Arranhão, which is precisely one of the songs by the country duo. This would have been the reason for one of the recent fights, which culminated in the removal.

The source also stated that Fernando tends to go back after these crises, while Maiara has already changed her number to avoid contact with her lover, in times of tension.

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