Marquinhos deconvoked and embezzles the Brazilian national team against Peru

(Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF)

the technician tit not have Marks before the Peru, Thursday, in Recife, around South American World Cup qualifiers. The defender was suspended in the paralyzed game against Argentina and the CBF will avoid taking risks at Arena Pernambuco.

The leaders of Brazil contacted Conmebol to find out if they could use the defender. In the entity’s mind, Marquinhos would have completed the suspension against the Argentines, since the match began and was suspended with five minutes at Neo Qumica Arena. But, as the game is judged by FIFA, Marquinhos ended up being cut, as he would be unable to play

Lo Ortiz, called up for the vacancy of the athlete at Paris Saint-Germain precisely for the classic with the Argentines, remains in the group. Tite also counts with der Milito, Miranda and Lucas Verssimo among those called up.

Chosen in the opening minutes against the Argentines, der Milito and Lucas Verssimo must, finally, play a game for real together in the Brazilian team. Tite wanted to see how they would behave side by side without their absolute owner and must repeat the bet.

Even with the suspension of the game against Argentina, Brazil is still leading the Eliminations, with 21 points added and 100% success. The advantage of six points, curiously over the Argentines, who add up to 15.

Ecuador appears in third, with 13 and eight games, followed by Uruguay with 12 and Colombia with 10. The Peruvians, next rivals, are with eight and dreaming of touching the Copa qualifying group. For that, they would have to break the Brazilian invincibility at Arena Pernambuco.