Mauro Cezar detonates suspension of Brazil x Argentina: ‘Circus, clowning’

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Mauro Cezar Pereira detonated the whole mess that resulted in the suspension of the classic between Brazil and Argentina, this Sunday, at Neo Qumica Arena, in So Paulo, for the eighth round of the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. events like ‘a great circus’ and said that there are no ‘good guys’ in history.
“A big circus, in the figurative sense of the thing. It was a big joke. Do you think that the four players from Argentina got together and dirty with the information? Of course not. These guys came and left Brazil in the Copa America several times because there was an agreement between the federations, confederations and Conmebol”, commented Mauro this Monday, on the program Ball possession, of UOL.

The game was stopped by Venezuelan referee Jesus Valenzuela four minutes into the first half, after authorities from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and the Federal Police entered the stadium, requesting the removal of four Argentine players.

Anvisa alleged that Giovani Lo Celso, Cristian Romero, Emiliano Buenda and Emiliano Martnez provided false information on the entry form for foreigners in the country. As they play for clubs in England – the first two at Tottenham, and the last two at Aston Villa – they could not enter Brazil.

According to the Agency, the right thing would be for the group to carry out a 14-day quarantine before disembarking in national territory, as provided for in Interministerial Ordinance No. 655/2021. The measure also applies to foreigners from South Africa, Northern Ireland and India.

For Mauro, the big problem with the situation was the context. “It is obvious that the players are wrong. If he falsifies wrong information on an entry form in any country, it is obvious that he is wrong. The question is all the context that surrounds it.”

The journalist questioned the fact that Anvisa had waited until the time of the game to ‘intimate’ the athletes. “Everyone knew which hotel they were at. They circulated information that Anvisa was at the hotel and they weren’t there anymore. So why didn’t they go earlier with the Federal Police? I didn’t even need to enter the rooms. When they came down (the ones). athletes), called one by one.”

Finally, Mauro Cezar said that everything is wrong and said that there are no ‘good guys’. He also wondered how Argentine players stayed in Brazil all this time.

“If the issue of public health, everything is already wrong. Why if these guys are threats to the Brazilian people, how did they get around all these days? So who’s the good guy in this story? Who’s right?” he said.

The game was suspended by Conmebol. This Monday, FIFA announced that it would analyze the case and that ‘a decision will be taken in due course’.

Brazil enters the field on Thursday, at 9:30 pm, against Peru, at Arena Pernambuco, for the ninth round of the qualifiers. Argentina will also face Bolivia on Thursday, at 8:30 pm, at Bombonera.