Medical Correspondent: Understand the risks of treating an aneurysm

In this Monday (6) edition of the Medical Correspondent panel, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes spoke of the risks in the treatment of an aneurysm, such as the one that killed former Big Brother Brasil participant Josy Oliveira this Saturday (4) , at 43 years old.

According to family members, the psychologist suffered a stroke (cerebrovascular accident) during surgery to treat an aneurysm, was in an induced coma, but did not resist.

“A cerebral aneurysm is a saccular dilatation of an intracranial vessel. The vases work as if they were streets: there is an avenue, which turns into a street and into an alley, where the exchange of nutrients with the brain tissue takes place”, says Fernando Gomes.

“There is a fragility right in the bifurcation region, of congenital origin and, also, that can be increased by lifestyle, especially smoking and high blood pressure, which causes, at this crossroads point, a bubble to form and expand, until the aneurysm ruptures”, completed the doctor.

Fernando Gomes explained that the rupture of an aneurysm causes bleeding within the region of the brain tissue and around it, causing a great injury and great inflammatory process.

“It ends up being the cause of death in many people and the treatment requires the occlusion (closure) of the aneurysm, which can be done in two ways: endovascular procedure, as if it were a tube that enters the artery and reaches the point and occludes” , stated the neurosurgeon.

“There is also the classic treatment, which is a craniotomy. Under general anesthesia, surgical access is performed with opening of the skull, reaching the region of the aneurysm and placing a kind of clip around it, closing its exit.”

(*With information from Raphael Florêncio, from CNN, in São Paulo)