Medical Correspondent: understand the symptoms of the colon tumor discovered in Pelé

In this Tuesday (7) edition of the Medical Correspondent panel, of Novo Dia, the neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes spoke about the colon tumor, discovered in Pelé.

At 80 years old, the three-time world champion for the Brazilian team, and with 1,200 goals scored in his career, he underwent colon surgery to remove a tumor. The disease was discovered after Pelé underwent routine exams last week.

According to Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, where the football king remains hospitalized, the material removed during surgery will undergo a pathological analysis so that doctors can discover the nature of the tumor.

“Our intestine is a tube that starts in the mouth and goes to the anus region. It is the region where feces are formed, where there is a greater absorption of water and requires special attention regarding the appearance of whorls and also the transformation and emergence of cancer”, explained the doctor.

According to Fernando Gomes, colon tumors have some common symptoms of any intestinal problem, but that need attention, such as pain in the abdomen, pelvis or rectum, blood in the stool, constipation, diarrhea and intestinal obstruction.

“These signs appear slowly and progressively. It is more common to appear in older people after 50 years of age. And, often, the diagnosis is made in routine exams.”