Millly: Dani Alves jumps into the arms of Pocket Narist fascism – 07/09/2021

On September 7th, player Daniel Alves posted on his social networks a photo hugging the Brazilian flag with the caption: “Brazil above all; God above all. Our independence day and I wish you to take this day to To become independent (sic) Also become independent (sic) from oppression, manipulation of opinions and egocentric influences TO BE FREE IS TO BE ABLE TO DREAM TO BE FREE IS TO BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE TO BE FREE IS TO KNOW THAT EVERYTHING WILL PASS AND ONLY LEGACY WILL STAY !!! LONG LIVE THE INDEPENDENCE OF BRAZIL AND BRAZILIANS” #Deusnovomando (sic)”.

The caption with this tangle of meaningless words could even raise doubts about what position the player is taking, but the choice for the slogan used by Bolsonaris and borrowed from Nazism (“Germany above all”) leaves no doubt.

At this point in the pandemic, the extermination, the genocide, it is no longer acceptable for anyone to defend Bolsonaro and that fascist slogan. It never was, it’s true. But first we could even try to elaborate, think, reflect, debate the profound helplessness that led millions to anti-institutional desires. Not anymore.

Posting a photo with the Brazilian flag associated with the Pocketnarista slogan is taking sides. And the party that Daniel Alves is taking is that of liberal Pocketnarist fascism, the one that threatens to launch a coup, that has killed us by the hundreds of thousands, that burns our forests at a historic rate, that thinks that some women deserve to be raped, that says that it’s not necessary to wear masks, that it’s okay to agglomerate, that blacks are measured in arroba, that women are weak, that let the vaccine rot, that releases the largest number of pesticides ever released in our history, cracks, naturalization of ghost employees , the celebration of militias and militiamen. It is to this Brazil that Dani Alves is giving hands.

There’s no way to hide anymore. The masks are falling and the fascists are putting their faces in the sun.

And, in an even greater drop of despair and sadness, the realization that Marta liked the post.

As ESPN commentator Breiller Pires wrote on Twitter: “It’s always disappointing when athletes with successful and inspiring trajectories in sport behave like mats for coup extremists. Being an idol goes far beyond sporting achievements. Stacking trophies doesn’t stop any citizen from occupying the dustbin of history”. That’s it.