Minimum wage for 2022 and new amounts of INSS benefits

According to the Annual Budget Bill (PLOA) submitted by the government to Congress last Tuesday (31), the national floor must be readjusted to R$ 1,169 in 2022. It is worth remembering that currently the minimum wage corresponds to the value of R$ 1,100.

It should be noted that, constitutionally, the minimum wage must follow the inflation referring to the year prior to the adjustment. This is because the aforementioned correction is intended to ensure the maintenance of the purchasing power of the Brazilian worker.

In this sense, the increase of BRL 69 in the minimum wage in 2022 will represent an increase of 6.27%, given that for the adjustment the government considers the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) which, according to the projection, should be at 6, 2% until December this year. In this way, at least replacing inflation, which will not reflect in loss or real gain.

It should be noted that according to the projection of another measuring index, inflation this year should exceed the 6.2% forecast by the government. In this sense, according to the IPCA (Extended National Consumer Price Index), inflation in 2021 should remain at 7.2% by the end of this year.

Remembering that the values ​​above are only estimates of how the inflation rate will be until December 2021. Thus, the readjustment of the national floor is only definitively established at the beginning of 2022, when the government will be able to more accurately calculate this inflation index this year.

Impact of the readjustment on INSS benefits

It is noteworthy that the correction of the minimum wage, consequently, changes the amounts granted to retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). Therefore, benefits such as retirement, benefits and pensions paid by the agency will also be subject to adjustments.

In view of this, it is necessary to understand that no government benefit, whether of a social security or assistance nature, can be granted in an amount lower than the national floor. In other words, if this projection for the next year is confirmed, at least R$ 1,169 will be paid to the institute’s beneficiaries.

Furthermore, the due correction also affects the ceiling paid by the INSS, so that with the correction, the maximum paid by the agency becomes R$6,843.07. Check out below how the retirement values ​​are with the minimum wage adjustment:

Retirement amount this yearRetirement amount in 2022, through the readjustment of the national floor
BRL 1,100BRL 1,169
BRL 1,200BRL 1,274.40
BRL 1,300BRL 1,380.60
BRL 1,400BRL 1,486.80
R$1,500BRL 1,593.00
BRL 1,600BRL 1,699.20
BRL 1,700BRL 1,805.40
BRL 1,800BRL 1,911.60
BRL 1,900BRL 2,017.80
BRL 2,000BRL 2,124.00
BRL 2,100BRL 2,230.20
BRL 2,200BRL 2,336.40
BRL 2,300BRL 2,442.60
BRL 2,400BRL 2,548.80
BRL 2,500BRL 2,655.00
BRL 2,600BRL 2,761.20
BRL 2,700BRL 2,867.40
BRL 2,800BRL 2,973.60
BRL 2,900BRL 3,079.80
BRL 3,000BRL 3,186.00
BRL 3,100BRL 3,292.20
BRL 3,200BRL 3,398.40
BRL 3,300BRL 3,504.60
BRL 3,400BRL 3,610.80
BRL 3,500BRL 3,717.00
BRL 3,600BRL 3,823.20
BRL 3,700BRL 3,929.40
BRL 3,800BRL 4,035.60
BRL 3,900BRL 4,141.80
BRL 4,000BRL 4,248.00
BRL 4,100BRL 4,354.20
BRL 4,200R$4,460.40
BRL 4,300BRL 4,566.60
BRL 4,400BRL 4,672.80
BRL 4,500R$4,779.00
BRL 4,600BRL 4,885.20
BRL 4,700BRL 4,991.40
BRL 4,800BRL 5,097.60
BRL 4,900BRL 5,203.80
BRL 5,000BRL 5,310.00
BRL 5,100BRL 5,416.20
BRL 5,200BRL 5,522.40
BRL 5,300BRL 5,628.60
BRL 5,400BRL 5,734.80
BRL 5,500BRL 5,841.00
BRL 5,600BRL 5,947.20
BRL 5,700BRL 6,053.40
BRL 5,800BRL 6,159.60
BRL 5,900BRL 6,265.80
BRL 6,000BRL 6,372.00
BRL 6,100BRL 6,478.20
BRL 6,200BRL 6,584.40
BRL 6,300BRL 6,690.60
BRL 6,400BRL 6,796.80
BRL 6,443.57BRL 6,843.07

Other benefits impacted

It should be noted that, as already mentioned, all government benefits are subject to changes in the amounts granted. Thus, in addition to retirements, benefits will also be readjusted such as:

  • Sick pay;
  • Maternity pay;
  • Seclusion allowance;
  • Pension for death;
  • Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC/LOAS);
  • Work-related benefits (unemployment insurance, PIS/Pasep allowance).

In order to bring a better understanding, it is important to realize that some of these benefits are paid in an amount corresponding to the current minimum wage, those that are granted in a higher amount are also readjusted, because all quotas paid by the Federal Government start from a floor.