Monica Iozzi reveals that she was assaulted in an abusive relationship

In an interview with the G1 podcast “Prazer, Renata”, led by journalist Renata Ceribelli, actress Monica Iozzi revealed that she has already been attacked in an abusive relationship.

monica iozzi

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/@monica.iozziMonica Iozzi reveals that she was assaulted in an abusive relationship

“It’s been many years and I think it’s important for us to talk: the importance of us talking to our girls and boys about this. I was very young, a relationship from my first dates. It covered every chapter of the abusive relationship primer. From the person pushing you away from your friends, questioning the clothes you wear, verbally assaulting you, blackmailing you, saying you won’t get anyone better than him, trying to belittle you. The person wants you to feel worse than you are so you can feel dependent on them”, began Monica Iozzi.

“It’s a psychological kidnapping, I felt kidnapped by that relationship.” The actress continued: “I only started thinking about getting out and asking for help when I was physically attacked. Until I was attacked, I thought it was a proof of love. He loves me a lot, he protects me a lot. He lost his mind a little,” he said.

“I only started calling when he actually put his hand in my face. There I realized that the hole was lower, and I think that’s what a lot of women suffer, especially when you’re young, or when you have children with that person, or when you have a financial dependency,” she revealed.

Monica Iozzi is not alone: ​​know what an abusive relationship is

In this type of relationship, the excess of power of one person over another predominates. There is not always physical aggression: the plot is complex, involving manipulations, humiliations and psychological, financial, patrimonial and sexual violence.

An abusive relationship is not born overnight; it is built day by day and, when the victim becomes aware, it starts to annul itself, always in function of the partner.