NASA tests in the United States electric air taxi surpassing 330 km/h – News

NASA, the US Space Agency, is carrying out tests to put electric air taxis into circulation. The initiative is part of the National Advanced Air Mobility Campaign (AAM) of the American institution.

The vehicle, known as eVTOL, was built by the aerospace company Joby Aviation, a reference in the manufacture of these electric aircraft. The tests are being carried out at Joby’s own flight base, located near the Big Sur region of California, USA.

“These tests will help inform gaps in current standards to benefit the industry’s progress in integrating AAM vehicles into airspace,” says Davis Hackenberg, NASA integration manager for this project, in release disclosed by the institution.

NASA’s idea is for these aircraft to be used in commercial passenger and cargo transport services and other public interest applications. Soon, the tests will serve to optimize the movement of vehicles in the air and also the communication between the crew and the control centers during the trips.

Joby Aviation’s eVTOL can reach a top speed of 332 km/h, with the capacity to carry up to 4 passengers per trip.

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“NASA’s National AAM Campaign is critical to driving scientific understanding and public acceptance of eVTOL aircraft. We are extremely proud to have worked closely with NASA on electric flying for the past 10 years,” says JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO of Joby Aviation.

According to the US space agency, electric aerial vehicles have been tested since August 30th and it is expected that this period of experimentation will end by September 10th.

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