Neto freaks out, detonates Argentina, players and reveals about Anvisa: “I want to work there”

Neto releases the verb about controversy involving Brazil x Argentina (Image: Playback / Band)

O great grandson dedicated a good part of the program the Ball Owners, of the Band, in this monday (6), to vent about the controversial decision of Anvisa to paralyze the Brazil x Argentina game. After the agency’s attitude, the match this Sunday (5) was suspended.

In the program, the former player fired at Argentina’s national team and tore up praise for Anvisa, which decided to enter the field to warn four Argentines that they had allegedly falsified information about the coming of the United Kingdom. They should have done the 14-day quarantine.

“Right is right. The guys faked it, I had to put it in the chair, I had to get out and handcuffed. […] The four had to get out in a van. From my point of view, what they did was forgery when entering the country”, started the famous.

The Band’s contractor followed: “Go to Argentina and come in so you can see what won’t happen to you. We leave getting slapped in the ear, in the ear. My brother, they faked it. Ronaldinho Gaucho was not jailed for six months in Paraguay because he entered with a forged passport?”.

“Here comes the four slackers, fakes and thinks that the Federal Police and the country are a zone? No, it is not. Do you know why there was no game? because they faked [o passaporte]. The president of Anvisa didn’t find the guys, he was looking for the guys [antes da partida]. Anvisa is in charge”, guaranteed the famous.

Neto even mocked Brazilian coach Tite: “Then Tite started taking the rosary, shaking his head, as if he wanted the game. Did you want the Tite game? Did not give an opinion. He didn’t say anything. They wanted to remove the inspector from there”.

“Who would believe that in 2021 Anvisa would paralyze a game by Globo, the sponsors, the national team? We have to clap for Anvisa. Acuña had to be arrested”, he opined, disgusted.

Screaming, he still remembered: “Brazil became the epicenter of covid-19. Or do you not remember that? Do you think covid-19 is over? They’re kidding. They put pressure on this inspector, who is a monster, beast. I’m not going to put politics, parties and nothing here. And there are people who are against the law”.

Next, Craque Neto joked that he wants to work at the organ: “I want to work at Anvisa. I’m leaving the band today. How are we not going to value these guys? ‘Couldn’t there have been a warning earlier?’ But who said they did it?”.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

Luiz Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is an editor and columnist for RD1. It is on social networks at @luizfabio_ca and can also be via email [email protected]