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jade picon
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jade picon

Last Sunday night (5th) was busy for Neymar. According to information from the “Gossipdodia” profile on Instagram, the PSG player would have stayed with the influencer jade picon
during a party that was held at the home of Rafaela Santos (the athlete’s sister), in Alphaville, São Paulo. The party would have happened after the match between Brazil and Argentina, which was interrupted by Anvisa, valid for the World Cup qualifiers.

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Interestingly, while the rumors about Neymar
and Jade appeared, the influencer’s ex-boyfriend, João Guilherme, posted a print of an alleged conversation he had with her. Soon, netizens crossed the information and suggested that the messages could be directly related to the fact that Jade had stayed with Neymar. Guilherme and Jade ended their relationship recently.

In the messages, Guilherme would have said the following to Jade:

– I found out who you were.
– Thanks for nothing.
– You’re kind of crazy in the head.
– I really don’t know you.
– But congratulations was a great way to feed your ego.
– It’s a shame we ended up like that, really, really.

Print of the supposed conversation between João Guilherme and Jade Picon
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Print of the supposed conversation between João Guilherme and Jade Picon

The possible case between Neymar and Jade arises just at the moment when the player’s flirtation with another influencer seemed to be becoming something more serious. In recent days, everything indicated that the ace and Bruna Biancardi were getting closer and closer. Bruna was even present at the Neo Química Arena, for the match between Brazil and Argentina last Sunday.