nine steamy movies to inspire couples on Sex Day

Sex in bed, on the floor, in the bathtub, at home, in the hotel or in the kitchen. For decades, cinema has been a source of inspiration for lovers of all styles and tastes. Sex Day, celebrated this Monday (9/6), can get even hotter with the luxurious help of the seventh art.

O metropolises selected nine hot movies that are successful on the Netflix streaming platform. However, be careful: the productions are not for all ages, as they promise a lot of “scratch and roll” among the protagonists.

Check out:

1. Zoe’s Secret Life

She had it all: a loving husband, two kids, and a great career—until she began to feel an insatiable appetite for sex with other men.

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2. love

Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of their first love and see the reality of life shake their idealized romantic notions.

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3. Newness

Martin and Gabi meet on a dating app and start dating. When boredom sets in, they find an unusual solution to the problem.

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4. Fifty Shades of Gray

A wealthy businessman and a naive university student embark on a torrid, limitless erotic relationship.

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5. 365 dni

Laura was kidnapped by a mobster. Now she has 365 days to fall in love with him.

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6. Duck Butter

Disillusioned with the lack of honesty in relationships, two women decide to spend 24 hours together to explore new forms of intimacy.

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7. Oh, Ramona!

Awkward, Andrei is a 16-year-old in love (and ignored) by his beautiful schoolmate Ramona – until he goes on vacation and meets the dazzling Anemona.

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8. Dry Martina

A strange encounter with a fan and her attractive boyfriend lead an Argentine singer to travel to Chile with one goal in mind: regaining her libido.

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9. Crazy young

Despite her religious family deeming her devout and docile, young Daniela has a sexual confession blog for teenagers with desires like hers.

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