Nintendo may have sued artist for creating illustrations inspired by Zelda, Metroid and more

It’s not news to anyone that Nintendo tends to be quite controversial in some policies regarding copyright, like the case of Bowser’s penis in 3D. Today another episode possibly involving the Japanese came to light: this time involving an artist who created hand illustrations inspired by Metroid and Zelda.

The artist in question is Philip Summers, who produces illustrated guides with details on the Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden and Contra franchises. The case drew attention after the artist raised $300,000 in a Kickstarter campaign. Summers says he knew the risks and ended the crowdfunding campaign because he had “legal issues.”

Summers, who declined to reveal the name of the company involved in the case, said he has not received any court order so far, but commented:

Tonight I canceled the “Hand Illustrated Walkthroughs” Kickstarter. Yes, for the exact reason you are thinking. I expected to be able to deal with any legal issues, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Is the project over for good? Do not know yet. I’ll find out in the next few days.

Despite everything, the artist stated that he will still negotiate with the company, which according to him has been very polite and hopes that a solution for both parties is provided.

Each hand-illustrated guide to game secrets that Summers sold cost $25 ($130), but project supporters can rest assured they won’t be charged due to its cancellation on Kickstarter.

It is worth mentioning that although Nintendo has a greater “fame” involving these processes, other companies may be involved, such as Koei Tecmo or Konami, due to the titles that served as inspiration for the Illustrated Walkers.