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In day September 7th is celebrated the Independence Day of Brazil, which had as protagonist Dom Pedro I and your cry of “independence or death” before the margins of the Ipiranga river, in 1822. To commemorate the historic date, how about remembering the monarch’s versions interpreted by Caio Castro, Marcos Paquim, Reynaldo Gianecchini and Tarcisio Meira? Check out the list with fun facts about them!

Caio Castro, in the novel Novo Mundo (2017)

Dom Pedro (Caio Castro) declares Brazil’s independence in ‘New World’ — Photo: TV Globo/Rafael Campos

Caio Castro gave life to Dom Pedro I, in Novo Mundo. As the emperor, the actor staged two episodes known from the history books. The first, the day of stay, happened on January 9, 1822, when the Portuguese courts demanded the return of Dom Pedro to Portugal so that Brazil could return to being a colony. However, segments of society came together to collect signatures for the prince’s stay – what ended up being a trigger for the future declaration of independence of the new country. Faced with this, Dom Pedro uttered the well-known words that would be repeated by the actor: “if it’s for the good of all and the general happiness of the nation, tell the people I’m staying.”

Dom Pedro proclaims the independence of Brazil

Dom Pedro proclaims the independence of Brazil

In the events that culminated in the proclamation of Independence, the telenovela highlighted a little-mentioned chapter in history. With provinces in rebellion, Dom Pedro went to São Paulo, leaving the princess Leopoldine (Leticia Colin) at court, as regent. Thus, it was Leopoldina who signed the declaration of independence. In addition, the discomfort that the prince felt right before announcing the liberation of Brazil is also true.

After a vote, Leopoldina declares approved the separation of Brazil from Portugal

After a vote, Leopoldina declares approved the separation of Brazil from Portugal

Marcos Pasquim as Dom Pedro I in ‘O Quinto dos Infernos’. Luana Piovani and Cláudia Abreu played the mistress Domitila and the second wife of the emperor, Amélia, respectively — Photo: Globo

Marcos Pasquim was Dom Pedro I in the miniseries The Fifth of Hells. The plot told how the royal family came to the “fifth of hell”, as they called Brazil, until the return of D. Pedro I to Portugal. Pasquim gave life to a womanizing Dom Pedro – as the emperor was known -, who also had problems with his brother, Miguel, role of Kermit Ciocler.

  Marcos Pasquim as Dom Pedro I in 'O Quinto dos Infernos'

Marcos Pasquim as Dom Pedro I in ‘O Quinto dos Infernos’

In the miniseries, Pedro and Miguel have different personalities: the first is a lover of the sea, night and women, while the second is sick, locked in his house for horror of the sun. Miguel is deeply envious of his brother and his skill with women. Throughout history, it is clear that he feels physically attracted to Dom Pedro I.

Caco Ciocler and Marcos Pasquim in ‘O Quinto dos Infernos’ — Photo: Globo

Reynaldo Gianecchini as Dom Pedro I in the special ‘The Christmas of the Child Emperor’ — Photo: Rafael França/Globo

The Christmas of the Emperor Child was a children’s special that closed the year of celebrations for the bicentennial of the arrival of the Royal Family in Brazil. The story brings D. Pedro II (Sergio Britto) at the age of 65, in his exile in Paris – he was deposed in 1889 –, telling his grandson Antonio (Rafael Miguel), on Christmas Eve, one of the most memorable passages of his life.

The Christmas of the Child Emperor: Dom Pedro I advises his son

The Christmas of the Child Emperor: Dom Pedro I advises his son

When he was 9 years old, in 1834, he was already an orphan of father and mother and held the title of Constitutional Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil. That was the first Christmas she spent without her father, who died weeks earlier, in Portugal. The father, Dom Pedro I, is played by Reynaldo Gianecchini, who appears to his son to give him advice and ease his anguish in the most difficult moments.

Tarcísio Meira, in the soap opera Saramandaia (1976)

Tarcísio Meira as Dom Pedro I in ‘Saramandaia’ — Photo: Globo

Tarcísio Meira played Dom Pedro I, in the first version of Saramandaia. In the plot, the emperor visited the city of Bole-Bole. This was one of several very crazy events that stirred up the plot of Days Gomes! The quick appearance marked the soap opera, which was inspired by the fantastic realism.

Tarcísio Meira played Dom Pedro I in 'Saramandaia'

Tarcísio Meira played Dom Pedro I in ‘Saramandaia’

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