Patrícia Abravanel’s reaction to an ‘outside Bolsonaro’ live on SBT viralizes

For this one, Patricia Abravanel did not expect. During a live program this Tuesday morning, September 7, the SBT was covering protests against and in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) when a protester sent a live “Out of Bolsonaro Genocida”.

patricia abravanel

Credit: Reproduction/SBTPatrícia Abravanel’s reaction to a “genocidal Bolsonaro outside” live on SBT goes viral on social media

“Out Bolsonaro, genocide. Genocide! He arrives! It’s done, it’s gone. This country has been suffering for five years now,” said the protester live.

The statement took place during the program “Vem Pra Cá”, presented by Patrícia Abravanel. It is important to remember that Patrícia is married to Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications in the current government, and the daughter of Silvio Santos, a supporter of the president.

Meanwhile, at GloboNews…

During GloboNews’ live coverage of the protests in Brasília, this September 7, journalist Miriam Leitão criticized the fact that President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) used government helicopter, ie, public, to participate in the demonstrations of 7 September, which are partisan and raise anti-democratic agendas.

Miriam Leitão stated that this act by Bolsonaro is illegal. Look here.