PE applied 1,380 doses of CoronaVac from lots banned by Anvisa; state says it monitors vaccinated | Pernambuco

In all, since the beginning of the campaign against Covid-19, the state has received 264,840 units of the immunizing agent manufactured by the Sinovac laboratory in partnership with the Butantan Institute.

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According to the State Department of Health (SES), patients who received doses from banned batches will be monitored for 30 days, “for evaluation of possible adverse events”. Doses were received by the state between the months of July and September 2021.

(CORRECTION: initially, the State Department of Health reported that the state applied 23,351 doses, but corrected the information, saying that 1,380 units were administered. The error was corrected at 4:15 pm).

On Saturday (4), the day on which there was a precautionary interdiction by Anvisa, the state notified the municipalities to stop the application of these doses.

There were, throughout the country, 25 batches banned. Pernambuco received units that were in two of them, totaling 264,840 doses. The lots are: 202107101H and L202106038.

By way of note, the SES reported that it still awaits further guidance from the Ministry of Health on how to proceed on the precautionary interdiction.

“Until a further decision, the lots were blocked in the Strategic Input System of the Ministry of Health, in order to prevent the movement of products”, said the state.

The National Immunization Program (PNI) in Pernambuco reported that, according to federal guidance, municipalities were notified to separate the banned batches and keep them in quarantine, refrigerated at a temperature of two to eight degrees.

“Pernambucan municipalities have already been informed of the recommendation for screening users who received the vaccine,” said SES, through a note.

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