PF fulfills warrants against suspected of financing violent demonstrations

On the eve of the demonstrations scheduled for September 7, the Federal Police carried out arrest, search and seizure warrants, at the request of the Deputy Attorney General, Lindôra Maria Araújo, and authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF ).

The inquiry, which was initiated to investigate the performance of federal deputy Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ) and singer Sérgio Reis, investigates acts of “inciting the population, through social networks, to practice criminal, violent and offensive acts against the Democratic Rule of Law” on holiday, according to a statement from the PGR.

Two preventive arrest warrants were served: Marcio Giovani Niquelatti, professor Marcinho, and former police officer Cassio Rodrigues de Souza. Both, according to the note, disclosed “messages, aggressions and threats against Democracy, the Rule of Law and its Institutions, especially the Supreme Court, justifying the imposition of the measure restricting freedom”.

In the arrest warrant, the PGR shows messages from social networks in which Marcio and Cassio threaten minister Moraes and his family with death.

There were also seven other search and seizure warrants, one of them at the residence of Gilmar Alba (PSL-RS), mayor of Cerro Grande do Sul (RS). He was caught on August 26 when trying to enter with R$505,000 in São Paulo through Congonhas airport.

To CNN, Alba sent an audio that says “they [policiais] they didn’t even find a match in the city hall or in Venancio Aires at my children’s house. Once again I say that I am a clean, honest man and you can trust me.”

The PGR also ordered the blocking of Pix keys and bank accounts of those suspected of being involved in the financing of violent demonstrations scheduled for the 7th. Among them, there was the blocking, valid until the 8th, of Wednesday, of the bank accounts of the Association of Mato Grosso Soybean Producers (Aprosoja-MT) and the National Association of Soybean Producers (Aprosoja).

CNN Brazil sought the defenses of those involved and associations for comments and adds its positions as soon as it receives them.