PF opens investigation to investigate whether Argentine quartet falsified documents

The investigation begins after Anvisa interrupts the derby last Sunday, 5, at Neo Química Arena, which would be held by the South American World Cup qualifiers

EFE/Sebastiao MoreiraBrazil x Argentina was suspended after interference by Anvisa in the match valid for the qualifiers

THE Federal police opened an inquiry to find out if Emiliano Martínez, Buendía, Lo Celso and Cristian Romero, four players of the argentine team, falsified documents to enter Brazil. The investigation begins after the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) interrupts the derby last Sunday, 5, at Neo Química Arena, which would be held by the World Cup’s South American qualifiers. After the stoppage, the confrontation ended up being suspended and there is still no defined outcome. According to the Brazilian body, the quartet violated the norms established by Interministerial Ordinance No. 655, of 2021, which establishes that “foreign travelers who have passed, in the last 14 days, in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India, they must comply with a ten-day quarantine”.

The investigation is still at an early stage and is based on information from the Anvisa and the Health Department of the State of São Paulo. The four Argentine athletes, however, needed onlys sign a declaration to leave the country with the rest of the delegation, still last Sunday night. The Federal Police also said that it notified the Argentine team about the need for deportation, a common procedure in situations of non-compliance with sanitary protocols. However, the sanction has not yet been carried out and the four athletes must still be formally heard in the course of the investigation.