Poorly run car also spoils, see the damage

More important than a used car’s mileage is how that car ran. Often the little used car spent a long time on the walk-and-stop of big cities, while the car with more than 100,000 km spent its life on highways at constant speed.

In this comparison, the car with more running may be better mechanically, as the engine worked with less effort. The Ford Boss Me YouTube channel shows the dangers of an engine with long hours of operation and little mileage.


The vehicle in question is a 2016 Ford F550 truck equipped with the V8 6.7 PowerStroke turbodiesel engine. The truck’s odometer reads around 43,500 km. But it was used as a winch by an auction company, spending a lot of time standing still with the engine running or running at low speeds.

Damage to this underrun engine

The truck was taken to the canal workshop because it was giving off a lot of white smoke, leaking oil and performance was low. The answer to the problems came as soon as the crankcase was disassembled: the engine oil turned to sludge and lost all lubricating capacity. The turbocharger broke down due to lack of lubrication.

The owner of this Ford may even have followed the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer using the mileage as a reference. However, the recommendation in this case would be to use the hours of operation to establish periodic maintenance.

Ford has a different maintenance program for vehicles that pass a lot at a standstill and with the engine running. The manufacturer’s calculation is that one hour of an engine running is equivalent to 40 km. And vehicles that spend 6 hours a day with the engine running must change the oil every 30 days.

All Ford F-series models come equipped with an engine run hour counter for this reason. In Brazil, this item can be found on the on-board computer of current Fiat cars.

This type of use with an engine running for long periods and running low is also known as severe use. Pay attention to the manual: