Promo on Play Store: 79 free or discounted Android apps and games

This Monday (06), the eve of a holiday, there are those who are looking for an entertainment program. If you have a mobile phone with the Android operating system, several opportunities and offers are available on the Google app store.

There are no less than 79 apps on sale, especially a wide variety of games that can be purchased for free or with a reduction in the original sale value. Last Friday (3), TudoCelular released another 92 offers.

Today’s promotions also include apps for a variety of purposes, including some for customization. Altogether, there are 34 being made available for free and another 45 with a discount on the original value. In today’s featured offerings we have games Crashlands, Buff Knight and Venture.

To take advantage of the offers, the procedure is simple: just enter the desired application form and add it to your account, as if it were a purchase. This way, you can guarantee the lifetime license on your login — regardless of the device you are using.

As each promotion has its own validity period and defined by the publishers, prices can be modified at any time. Therefore, the ideal is to take the opportunity to add the applications to the account as soon as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business. Check out the complete list below: