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Danielle (Maria Ribeiro) will prove once again that she is the queen of inmates in Império. After promising to take off his clothes in exchange for a beating on José Pedro (Caio Blat), the van will cheer up the detention runners by lowering the level during an argument with Cora (Marjorie Estiano). “I was thinking that the worst punishment for him is jail, but you appear to me as the icing on the cake”, she will mock in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

Madame will not miss the opportunity to see her ex-husband behind bars in the scenes that will be shown this Wednesday (8)in Aguinaldo Silva’s serials. She will encourage the other inmates to attack the preppy, but Cristina’s aunt (Leandra Leal) will show up just in time to stop the lynching.

Cora, by the way, will have asked Carmen (Ana Carolina Dias) for help to get the son of José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) out of prison. “You are no longer José Pedro’s wife, you have nothing to stay here and disturb the poor man, go away,” the bitch will demand.

“Who do you think you are to talk like that, you crazy person?” Danielle will return. “Oh, you want to know who I am? I’ll tell you. I’m a real woman, with hot blood running in my veins and I do anything to get what I want,” added the antagonist played by Marjorie Estiano.

“You’re into José Pedro, is that it?”, Bruna’s mother (Kíria Malheiros) will provoke. “That’s none of your business. You’re nothing, nothing more than José Pedro, and he was the one who told me”, will answer the villain, who won’t shy away from insults:

You are only here to harm the poor man. I noticed this when you incited the other prisoners to go after him. You are a short little woman. I just don’t beat you up here because I’d end up arrested.

Despite the threats, Maria Ribeiro’s character will not lower her tone. “You’re really in love with Zé Pedro. I can’t believe it,” she said, laughing.

Written by Aguinaldo Silva, Império (2014) won a “special edition” to fill the hole left after the end of Amor de Mãe on Globo’s prime time. The unprecedented Um Lugar ao Sol, the next telenovela in the 9 pm range, was postponed to premiere in the second half of this year.

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